Voluntary work is a good opportunity to develop your employability skills whilst giving your time to a good cause. The University of Bolton has its own Volunteering Coordinator who can help you to find the best opportunity to meet your specific needs.

As a volunteer you must be aware that you will only receive basic expenses, such as money for food and travel, but you may be given the opportunity to also access relevant and worthwhile training.

Volunteering can be undertaken in the UK and also abroad, but if you choose the latter option you must ensure you have carried out your research, obtained the correct legal paperwork for visas and insurance and take medical advice about vaccinations etc. It is vital that sufficient checks are carried out before you embark on any opportunity particularly if it involves travelling outside the UK.


Sources of advice and opportunities include:

Department for Business Innovation and Skills
volunteering England
Volunteering England
Voluntary Service Overseas
Do It
Do-It (Voluntary Opportunities Online)
time bank
Time Bank
Bolton CVS
Bolton CVS
Department for Business Innovation and Skills
Foreign and Commonwealth Office
Career Volunteer