If you are unsure about which occupation you may be interested in, then this section will help you to understand what specific careers involve (tasks, responsibilities) the skills, qualities and interests needed and the qualification and entry criteria specified by that particular sector.

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Labour Market Information

If you would like to understand the graduate labour market further, compare graduate salaries for different careers, and consider the latest trends in graduate recruitment, then visit the following links:

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Professional Bodies

Professional Bodies are organisations that represent the interests of the individuals engaged in that particular area. When researching your career choices, it may be useful to gather information about a particular sector, the opportunities, training and development that exists. Check out the Total Professions website which contains information on more than 270 professional bodies.

Chartered Institute of Environmental Health
Chartered Institute of Journalists
Chartered Institute of Marketing
Chartered Institute of Personnel 
Chartered Institute of Public Finance
Chartered Institute of Public Relations
Chartered Management Institute

You can also click here to see a broader range of UK Professional Bodies