Some students, each year, do think about changing or leaving their course. If this applies to you, rest assured that there is help within the University to deal with any problems or issues you may be experiencing and to provide you with the advice and guidance you may need. Many students do change courses successfully, usually transferring to another pathway here at the University of Bolton. Before making your decision it is important to understand the reasons why you want to change or leave:

  • Is the course not interesting and meeting your expectations?
  • Is the course too difficult for you and are you struggling with the work?
  • Have you got financial problems which are preventing your from focusing on your studies?
  • Do you have a health or personal problem?
  • Is there a problem with the academic staff teaching your course?

Whatever the reason it is important that you talk this through with someone.  The options available to you are:

  • Transferring to a different course: you need to speak to your current tutor and also the new department of which you want to transfer to. You need to check the entry requirements and your suitability for the new course.
  • Suspending your studies: if you feel it necessary to take time out from your course, you must discuss this with your tutor as soon as possible, and look at possible timescales for returning.
  • Withdrawing from the course: you may find it in your best interests to leave the University of Bolton. Please get as much information and advice before you make this decision, as leaving your course could impact on any future entitlements to help with fees etc.

You may find it is useful to get advice and support from a Careers Adviser, A Student Liaison officer, a student advisor or a counsellor before you make any major decisions. Contact Student Services for further details on 01204 903733.


Visit the Students' Union website for advice.

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