Dr Abhay Vaidya was born in Goa and he attained his primary medical education (MBBS), University of Bombay from the Goa Medical College, the oldest medical school in Asia. He stood second in the University of Bombay during his Diploma in Anaesthesia (DA) examination. His research thesis titled ‘Chances of Cross Infection Through Anaesthesia Breathing Circuits’ was accepted for Doctor of Medicine (MD – Anaesthesiology) postgraduate qualifications which he successfully achieved from the same University whilst working in the world renowned Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai. Dr Vaidya later spent a year working towards Certificate (Fellowship) in Cardiovascular and Neuroanaesthesia before immigrating to the UK to fulfil his dream of achieving Fellowship of the Royal College of Anaesthetists (FRCA). During his training in the UK, he was also awarded the Diploma in Anaesthetics by the Royal College of Anaesthetists.

Dr Abhay Vaidya joined the Chorley & South Ribble NHS Trust in 1998 as Consultant Anaesthetist. He has always been interested in research and teaching, training, mentoring and guiding trainees and future doctors. He successfully completed Postgraduate Certificate Course in Statistics for Clinical Trials from the University of Central Lancashire and the Law and Medical Ethics from the University of Edinburgh. He also has completed several modules in Medical Education from the Open University and Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research. He has also acted as College Tutor (Royal College of Anaesthetists), and his other achievements include Senior Honorary Associate Lecturer, (Edge Hill University), Associate (Fitness to Practise Panel member, and Certification (PMETB) Appeals Panel Member, General Medical Council, ICMRCS Examiners (the Royal College of Surgeons of England), OSCE Examiner, MBChB Examinations (University of Manchester), Problem Based Learning (PBL) Tutor (University of Manchester), Communication skills tutor (University of Manchester), Member, medical undergraduate selection (University of Manchester).

Dr Abhay Vaidya was appointed as Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Bolton in 2007. Working with Professor Romesh Gupta and Professor R C Campbell, he has contributed to several research articles which have been published in several peer reviewed journals and other publications. He also has been active participant in teaching and training of overseas medical graduates as well as UK trainee doctors. Dr Vaidya is active in the organisation of Health Melas.

Dr Vaidya has special interests in medical professionalism, quality of healthcare and ethics besides education and training. He will be delighted to assist and supervise any interests in these and related areas of research.