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Carl Bridge - Accountancy Programme Manager|
Dr Carl Bridge
Professor Stephen Hardy|
Prof Stephen Hardy
Dr Baomin Qi - Senior Lecturer|
Dr Baomin Qi
Christopher Woollaston - Senior Lecturer in Marketing|
Christopher Woollaston
rachael Ntdngho|
Dr Rachael Ntongho
Dr Fredrick Agboma - Lecturer|
Dr Fredrick Agboma
Anatole Abanquesne de Parfouru|
Dr Anatole Abaquesne de Parfouru
Dr Sabri Mohammad|
Dr Sabri Mohammad
Stuart Marsh - Senior Lecturer in Accountancy|
Stuart Marsh
Peter Moran - Senior Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour|
Peter Moran
Dr    Zahra Salimi
Alice Blythe - Senior Lecturer|
Alice Blythe
Ged Clarke - Senior Lecturer in Accountancy|
Ged Clarke
Michael White - Senior Lecturer in Law|
Michael White
Owain Blackwell - Senior Lecturer in Law|
Owain Blackwell
Paul Bridge - Senior Lecturer|
Paul Bridge
Dr Paul Fryer - Senior Lecturer in Law|
Dr Paul Fryer
brian Gibbs|
Brian Gibbs
Beverley Caddick - Lecturer|
Beverley Caddick
Ian Chapman- Lecturer in HRM|
Ian Chapman