Teaching Responsibilities 

Company and Business Law 


After obtaining my PhD from the University of Manchester, I taught at Manchester Metropolitan University and Salford University before moving to Bolton University. 

My current research focuses on politics and regulation with specific emphasis on corporate governance regulation in transitional economies.  

I am also a consultant with several small and medium size companies around Greater Manchester.  


Journal Articles 

Ntongho, R. (2015) 'Journal of Corporate Law Studies' (Under Review)

Ntongho, R. (2013) ‘Culture and Corporate Governance Convergence'.

Ntongho, R. (2012) ‘Political Economy of the Harmonisation of Business Law in Africa’, Journal of Law and Politics, 5(2), 58-67. doi:10.5539/jpl.v5n2p58, URL http://dx.doi.org/10.5539/jpl.v5n2p58   

Ntongho, R. (2009) ‘Self-Regulation of Corporate Governance in Africa: Following the Band Wagon?’, International Company and Commercial Law Review, 20(2), 427-435. 

Conference Papers  

Ntongho, R. (2010) ‘Shareholder Capitalism and Corporate Governance in Cameroon’, University of Manchester

Ntongho, R. (2008) ‘Promoting Corporate Accountability in Cameroon: Challenges of Regulation’, ESRC Corporate Governance, Regulation and Development Seminar Series, University of Birmingham

Ntongho, R. (2008) ‘Corporate Accountability and the Development of the Cameroon Stock Market’, University of Manchester