We are committed to building business success.

We work with a growing number of professional organisations to help shape the future of Bolton Business School.

Our flexible commitment to training and consultancy services means we will, wherever possible, develop bespoke courses and services to suit an employer’s needs.

And our consultancy services include delivering funded, tailored business solutions through the Knowledge Exchange Programme.

Building KTP excellence

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships is a UK-wide programme helping businesses to improve their competitiveness and productivity through the better use of the knowledge, technology and skills within the UK knowledge base – such as universities.

KTP aims to meet a core strategic need within a business and to identify innovative solutions to help that business grow. But how do they work in practice? 

Bentley Designs

The University of Bolton has an excellent reputation and a diverse portfolio of KTP participation. One of the University’s first KTPs saw the University develop, and implement a sales and marketing strategy and effective marketing system for Wigan-based firm Bentley Designs Ltd.

The KTP with Bentley Designs increased operational efficiency by over 50 per cent, and also produced a 30 per cent improvement in the quality of the company’s output, and became recognised nationally as an exemplar of what KTP initiatives can achieve.



Bolton businessman Paul Taylor has two good reasons to be enthusiastic about Knowledge Transfer Partnerships – Sorin-Adrian Bot and Praveen Viswanath.

Through KTP these two University of Bolton PhD students have helped Paul develop his business and move forward during recession, against industry trends.

Hyquip, the North West’s leading hydraulics engineering and components company, is now enjoying profitable turnover almost 100 per cent up on its position three years ago.

Praveen, who is on a two-year KTP industrial placement with Hyquip, has helped Paul develop an e-business arm whilst Adrian, another KTP associate, joined Hyquip in 2008 to improve business processes in the engineering division of Hyquip and develop 3D-CAD software, to improve the engineering design process. He has also been tasked with optimising processes in the engineering projects department.