At the University of Bolton we encourage companies and individuals to support our activities. The University is a charity which means corporate and small businesses, and taxpaying individuals are allowed to donate money to the University and receive corporate tax benefits by using the UK’s Gift-Aid system.

Sponsorship and Donations

The donation must be given and nothing required in return: advertising, priority invites to corporate events, etc. Simple named reference on a recognised donor list, to say thank-you is acceptable.  To claim your tax-relief, you deduct the donated amount from your company’s corporation tax returns. For further information, please visit

Sponsorship is a business transaction for marketing and expected sales, the sponsor will probably negotiate for advertisement space, for their company name, products and services. This may include using logos, branding stipulations, direct references to prices and product ranges and exclusivity rights. The business, maybe able to claim VAT tax relief as it is considered a legitimate trading expense, if the sponsorship amount is a reasonable return for amount paid.

Sponsorship agreements arranged by a University employee or student for any ‘official’ University event, student prize, course promotion and sports activities, etc that they are  checked by the University’s finance office , because the University will be taxed VAT in return.

Please refer to the HM Revenue and Customs for the latest information and legal requirements for corporate sponsorship. It is important for your company checks in detail with HMRC, if your sponsorship is eligible for VAT exemption or your donation is eligible for Gift Aid relief.

For  donations and  Scholarships and Bursaries ,  please refer to How To Give which includes information on  Gift-Aid individual and regular giving and Gifts-in-kind (i.e equipment, art etc)  


There has never been a better time to give back. We, the staff, students and future students of the University of Bolton, thank you.